Crisis Challenge

Michigan Ross Sanger Leadership Center

Crisis Challenge | Sanger Leadership Center 

  • Role: Chief Communications Officer

  • Project Type: Two-Day Leadership Crisis Simulation

  • Timeline: Two days


I served on a team of 6 as the Chief Communications Officer during a crisis communication simulated through the Ross School of Business Sanger Leadership Center. I addressed the crisis by handling communications with key stakeholders, crafting a key message video, a high-level memo, and presenting the crisis plan to a board of professionals.


The Michigan Ross Sanger Leadership Center holds an annual Crisis Challenge for graduate students to form teams comprising of all components of the Michigan Model of Leadership. My team included 1st and 2nd year MBAs as well as a student from the School of Education. Our crisis to address was to act as the leadership team of a cruise line that caused an algae bloom off the coast of Florida. We simultaneously learned about the crisis and company while addressing stakeholder concerns through a simulated email server and through social media. As the Chief Communications Officer, I outlined main points for all communications, crafted the message video, and drafted the high level memo presented to the board. On the second day, I conducted media training with our selected CEO and then collectively we presented our messaging to a board of 6 high ranking professionals.

1-18-19 Ross Grad Crisis Challenge Day #2 208.jpg