Contextual Inquiry

Information Consulting

Pillar Technology | Contextual Inquiry

  •  Role: UX Designer and Project Manager

  • Project Type: Information consulting and qualitative analysis

  • Timeline: 4 months


Worked on a multidisciplinary team of 4 to assess company culture and employee satisfaction. After conducting secondary research, stakeholder interviews, and qualitative analysis, we developed and presented findings plus recommendations to our client as well as class.

Methods Used

  • Interview Protocol

  • User Interviews

  • Affinity Diagramming

  • Data Analysis and Synthesizing

  • Scholarly Research

  • Brainstorming


Pillar Technology is a digital technology consultancy that creatively provides consulting and develops software solutions. After meeting with clients to understand our tasks, we developed 3 different interview protocols and conducted secondary research, mine focusing on the impact of employee resilience on the success of mergers and acquisitions. Then, we interviewed 8 employees, conducting interpretation sessions within 48 hours of each interview. These interpretations were then clustered into themes to as a part of our affinity diagramming process, which resulted in 5 main findings based on our interview insights. We then developed a solution spreadsheet based off a brainstorming session and then scored those solutions before selecting and defining a recommendation. Our process, findings, and recommendations were compiled into a final report and presentation, presented to our client and class in person.