Contextual Inquiry

Information Consulting

Pillar Technology | Contextual Inquiry

  •  Role: UX Designer and Project Manager

  • Project Type: Information consulting and qualitative analysis

  • Timeline: 4 months


I worked on a multidisciplinary team of 4 to assess the company culture and employee satisfaction of a client prior to acquisition. After conducting secondary research, stakeholder interviews, and qualitative analysis, we developed and presented our findings plus recommendations to the client and our peers.

Methods Used

  • Interview Protocol

  • User Interviews

  • Affinity Diagramming

  • Data Analysis and Synthesizing

  • Scholarly Research

  • Brainstorming


Pillar Technology is a digital technology consultancy that provides software solutions and consulting services. After meeting with clients to understand our tasks, we developed 3 different interview protocols and conducted secondary research in select areas. Mine delved into the impact of employee resilience on the success of mergers and acquisitions. Then, we interviewed 8 employees, conducting interpretative sessions within 48 hours of each interview. These interpretations were then clustered into themes to as a part of our affinity diagramming process, which resulted in 5 main findings based on our interview insights. Next, we developed a solution spreadsheet based off a formal brainstorming session and then scored those solutions before developing the final recommendation. Our process, findings, and recommendations were compiled into a final report and presentation.